Year 3022

Humans have spread throughout the solar system. Mars has a population of over 1 billion people living on its surface. Every year the planet becomes greener and greener thanks to the terraforming towers.

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Changing a planet to be more like Earth.

To inhabit Mars, we would need first to create an atmosphere. Currently, the Carbon dioxide level is at 95.97% which is not so good for any living organism. It can take thousands of years to terraform an entire planet. To make the air on Mars breathable, humans used a combination of different techniques.

1. Solar Mirrors heat the Planet

2. Crash large icy comets into the surface to thicken the atmosphere

3. Large terraforming factories produce atmospheric gases

4. Terraforming factories continues for hundreds of years

5. Plants are planted in habitable areas to help produce oxygen

6. Terraforming is complete

  • 2000 B.E.S.*- Ancient astronomers on Earth discover Mars
  • 1997- First rover lands on Mars, The Pathfinder
  • 2040- First human subterranean colony is established
  • 2300- Humans build above ground domes to live on the surface
  • 2800- The first plants take root outside of the colony
  • 2900- Air is breathable in areas near the terraforming towers
  • 2950- There are large areas of breathable air around the major cities
*B.E.S. – Before Earth Standard


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