Community Sci-fi Chapter Book for Kids!

Community Sci-fi Chapter Book for Kids!

I have this crazy idea to create a new FREE book with your help.

Maybe someone has already done this, maybe not, but after interacting with few facebook groups I realized just how much imagination and enthusiasm there is for the sci-fi genre. I want to take this energy and put it into a sci-fi book. Something that is going to inspire and kindle the desire within kids to read and learn.

The goal: is for you guys to help me create a sci-fi book for kids.

I will provide a very basic outline of the story with the two main protagonist.  You guys will help with the plot, setting and developing the characters. I will help guide and put everybody’s ideas from the forum into a cohesive book, and possibly add a few of my ideas. All the parents out there please feel free to get input from your kids.

Disclaimer: This book will be a spin-off prequel to the book I am currently writing.

The Book:

Style: Combination regular paragraphs and comic book panels

Age range: 6-11

Reading level: will be slightly more advanced than the Magic Treehouse series

If there are some difficult or technical terms, I will highlight them and add a glossary to the back of the book

Length: 10 chapters.

Chapters: between 400-600 words roughly


I have already written a prequel lead-in to this community book.

The basic premise is that two kids, age 9 and 10 from the Zembition species have entered a cave looking for something to help cure their mother’s sickness. An entity within the cave transports them to another world to complete a task. After completing the task, the entity will help them save their mother if, or when they return to the cave from the other world.

I would like to add tid-bits of science facts along the way. These facts can come from another character telling the protagonists or the protagonist themselves.


To be honest, I’m not sure how this is going work out, but I’m 100% committed to this project.

I will be posting chapter updates in the blog and through email. The forum will be used for discussion and ideas.

Please provide any art you would like if you’re an illustrator. I will use one illustrator for the entire book, but if you send me some art, I will do my best to include it. Possibly, I will have the illustrator recreate your art in their style. Credit will be given to you, and I will create a community art section at the back of the book for the originals you send me.


Remember! This is for the kids!!!


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